About Marcus Crocker

London street-artist specialising in intricate miniature sculptures. I create these out of clay before placing and photographing on the streets. Some are then left to fend for themselves...

Starting in 2012, my street sculpture projects have evolved through various subjects - ranging from a darker emphasis on societal issues through to more uplifting celebrations around the triumph of the human spirit over adversity.

The earlier sculptures focused on themes of isolation and individuals who had fallen through the cracks of society. These highlighted issues such as homelessness, substance abuse and health and lifestyle choices.

As the projects have evolved over time they lean towards a more celebratory nature around the positive impact certain individuals have made on British history and culture. This can be seen in my collaboration with the British Red Cross for Refugee Week and a 2016 street art project with Penguin Random House, celebrating the 150th anniversary of Beatrix Potter's renowned children's stories.

Through the miniature scale of the sculptures I wanted to give a sense of their vulnerability against the backdrop of the city. Although easily overlooked, I aim to make each one striking and colourful in its own way as they explore their existence and resilience among the alleyways and underpasses of London's streets.